Sjählö9-group / Ideas behind the projects

SJÄHLÖ 9   Reflections of otherness

In 2011, the interdisciplinary-scientific art group SJÄHLÖ 9 became interested in the isolated island of Själö, situated in the Turku Archipelago in the municipality of Nagu. Själö has been a place to quarantine people affected with leprosy since the 1600’s. In 1785, the hospital

isolated patients with mental illness, retardation, epilepsy and also the elderly. The art group SJÄHLÖ 9 has familiarized themselves with the island and its history with assistance from the scientific research that has been made.

The documentation that has been collected about the fate of the Själö patients gives one the opportunity to examine the typifying of madness and otherness. The SJÄHLÖ 9 group has brought forth themes that are opposite yet overlapping: normal-abnormal; culture-nature; reason-body; normal femininity-aberrant femininity; health-illness. The group´s artists and scientists work close together and weld together phenomena such as exclusion, otherness, deviation and ostracism from a universal perspective.

In its future touring, the group will lay greater emphasis on the universal interpretation of the phenomena OTHERNESS, EXCLUSION and DEVIATION: The group will be viewing the subject matter emphasizing the socio-cultural reflections on the phenomena. These topics are indeed actual in the world at the moment. While touring, the group is looking forward to co-operating with local artists and scientists to arrange lectures and seminars on the topics at the exhibition venues.

The SJÄHLÖ 9 group: Christine Candolin, Juhani Ihanus, Antero Kahila, Catharina Kajander, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen,Tuija Lampinen, Solveig Lehtonen, Leena Mäki-Patola, Kirsi Poutanen, Kirsi Mattila, Jens Silfvast, Elina Waris and Rolf Simon-Weidner                                                                 

The previous exhibitions have been presented at Hyvinkää Art Museum, the Nordic House in Reykjavík Iceland, and the Tikanoja Art Museum, Vaasa

The group is presenting its new exhibition at the Finnish institute in Berlin 2.10.2015 – 8.1.2016. see link:

A seminary has been held in co-operation with the Finnish Institute together with German actors on the artistic and scientific field.