Juhani Ihanus

Juhani Ihanus is an Adjunct Professor of Cultural Psychology at the University of Helsinki, of Art Education and Art Psychology at the Aalto University, and of the History of Science and Ideas at the University of Oulu in Finland.

Ihanus is a prolific author for over 400 publications, including refereed articles in scientific journals, refereed book articles, 12 books, 11 edited books, as well as essays, reviews, popular articles and schoolbooks. He has published in different areas of psychology, psychoanalysis, psychohistory, history of science, literature and visual arts. As a pioneer of poetry therapy in Finland he has written and edited several books about poetry therapy and therapeutic writing. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Poetry Therapy and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Psykoterapia. Ihanus has also translated works from English, Germany and French into Finnish (among them works by G. C. Lichtenberg, E. M. Cioran and Karl Kraus).

Besides scientific publications, Ihanus has written three books of poetry (one of them in English called On the Road to Narva the Kabbalist, 2013, also published in Russian in 2014), two books of aphorisms (the other in English, called On the Edge, 2015), a book of short prose (in Finnish called Yöakatemia, 2013, a collection of reflections of his dreams), and separate poems published in different forums. Ihanus is a member of both The Union of Finnish Writers and The Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers. He is also a member of the transartistic and -disciplinary Sjählö 9 group, and has taken part in its exhibitions and activities.

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