Kirsi Mattila

Kirsi Mattila                                    

Kirsi Mattila is a scriptwriter and director. She was born in 1958 and graduated as Licentiate of Arts (Theatre Research) from the University of Helsinki in 1993.

Ms Mattila’s latest film is Marzia, My Friend, produced by Pohjola-filmi Oy. In conjunction with its international premiere at the Galway Film Festival in July 2015, the film won the Best Human Rights Feature award presented in association with Amnesty International. In September 2015 in Montreal Film Festival the film won the Public Award for the Best Documentary.

Other documentaries written and directed by Ms Mattila include Ilon ja kivun huhtikuu (1995), Pieniä tapahtumia (2000) and Niki ja Nikin veli (2009), all broadcast in the ‘Dokumenttiprojekti’ (‘Documentary Project’) series of YLE TV2. Between 2000 and 2004, she directed five 30-minute documentaries produced by Making Movies for YLE TV1. She has also made dozens of educational programmes and other TV programmes since 1994.

Under the umbrella of Icebreaker Productions, Ms Mattila has made videos on various topics for several organizations, not only writing and directing but also shooting and editing the videos.

Since 2009, Ms Mattila has participated in a Finnish NGO development cooperation project for training Afghan female journalists in scriptwriting and visual planning.

As a member of Icebreaker Productions, Ms Mattila has also branched out into producing. She was also the producer of her own film Marzia, My Friend (then still under the working title Women’s Afghanistan) from 2012–2013.