Kirsi Poutanen

musician-singer, poet, actor


Education: Lahti University of Applied Sciences, University of the Arts        ( Theatre Academy and Sibelius

Academy )
Kirsi Poutanen works as a musician-singer, poet and as an actor in music-theatreprojects on live stages.
She has been performing also in radioplays as an actor and as a sound-creator.
Her  collections of poems has been published by one of the most important finnish publisher Tammi.

Poutanen has worked also as a scriptwriter in her latest fado-musictheatre-project “Maria Severa” ,

where she also performs as an singer and actor.
As a singer she recently has spesialized in portuguese fado both in Finland and in Portugal.

The fado-cd Amália Tribute, recorded in Lisbon 2013, has maintained interest and popularity in both countries.


Poutanen´s versatility in the art field gives her  various possibilities to examine our human life full of mysteries, wonders, fears, tears,

joys, shadows, hidden motifs and revelances; all that absurd

mosaic of dust and energy called existence.