Solveig Lehtonen


born in Turku, Finland (1955), based in Gothenburg Sweden.


My medium is printmaking, mainly etchings, in which I depict the journey we start as a child of organising, building and re-constructing in order to understand a reality and identify who we are. In my work I depict landscapes as unknown areas in which we start to find our way around, draw maps and make them part of us. When placed in an unknown territory, we try to find our way and make connections. In an existence of constant movement we try to work out where or what we are within a particular situation or environment. We move around, move the things around us and our constructions direct our pattern of movement.
I am also interested in the way we organise our existence by constructing shelters, hiding-places and lines of communication, all of which can protect us, console us, limit us, threaten us, or fall apart. I describe these matters balancing between abstraction and figuration, fantasy and reality.

I was recently granted The Gothenburg Cultural Award 2015. My up-coming solo exhibition will be at The Swedish Printmakers´ Gallery in Stockholm.