Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen


Beside our individual projects we have enjoyed to work in collaboration since 2003.
For the Summit of Micronations we organized together with artists’ association MUU a convention of six micronations in Helsinki. The Complaints Choir invites people to complain as much as they want and to sing their complaints out loud together with fellow complainers. The Making of Utopia brought us to four utopian communities in Australia which were portrayed in a film. I love my Job invites people to direct short films about the nightmarish situations at their workplace. For the video work Dreamland we collected and dramatized dreams of people in which the President of Finland appeared. People in White describes the subjective experience of the Doctor-Patient relationship of 10 participants with a mental health care background. In Archipelago Scifi local inhabitants of the Finnish archipelago imagined the future of their place in 4 short episodes written and acted by the participants. What I Wish I Had Learned In School invited people to contribute 45 minute lessons about what they wish they had learned in school. The classes ranged from practical skills to important personal revelations. We are founding members of YKON and the Speech Karaoke Action Group.


We will show our new project 101 FOR ALL at Taidehalli. The opening is on October 16.